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Santa's Secret Story

In August of 2010, Dobrodiyka Cornelia was invited by a children's book editor at  Pauline Books and Media (Boston) to write books for their “Christian Tales and Legends” picture books series for children ages 4-7. The first book, Santa's Secret Story, has just been released The story revolves around a little girl who goes on a magical journey and discovers the real truth about Santa Claus when she meets  St. Nicholas and is shown  the true meaning of Christmas gift-giving. The book is beautifully illustrated by Candace Camling.

If anyone is interested in a sneak peek at the book, check out www.pauline.org or follow this link:


A second book will be released at the beginning of November. It is The Saint Who Fought the Dragon, the story of St. George retold from a different perspective than what you find in most George and the Dragon books.